DVDs + Other Expensive Things I’d Buy If I Was Rich

Movie Tickets

I LOVE GOING TO THE MOVIES but long gone are the days when a movie and dinner date was affordable. Thank God for bargain Tuesdays – when tickets are still ridiculously pricey but slightly cheaper than the every day $14 thing.


Artisan Candles

I envision a fancy claw-foot bathtub with several artisan suckers surrounding me, all lit up, smelling like vanilla cupcakes and hazel and sandalwood that each cost about a million dollars per wax. The one below is $24.¬†Or I wouldn’t mind a few of those candles from Urban Outfitters that are named after places, like “Brooklyn.”


Also, A Bathtub to Light Said Candles In

I’d redecorate my bathroom to look like it belonged in an Upper East side penthouse. Complete with those black and white tiles and an endless supply of Lush bath bombs plus fluffy, expensive towels in bright colors with obscure names like “chartreuse.”


Hardcover Books

Can someone, ANYONE, tell me when books got so expensive? Or when they started axing the whole paperback thing and making only hardcover copies? When did a book become $27???


Pomegranate Cups

The ones that Kylie Jenner always keeps stocked in her fridge.


Classic Disney DVDs

The “from the vault” Disney classics that go on DVD with unique footage and the works.


A Really Legit Leather Jacket

Real leather, not pleather, one that will actually never go out of style but will never be in my budget range.


A Polaroid Camera

So I can make one of those cool polaroid collages and hang it up above my head with firefly lights surrounding it. Very tumblr.




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