MySpace Quotes You Used Don’t Deny It

A fond remembrance of MySpace quotes that were more important than your top 10 friends. Also interchangeable with AIM away messages. It was the way to let out your heart-wrenching teen angst, ’cause life at 13 was tough, and it made you that much cooler.

(Who hurt you???)

I’ve Got the Gift of One-Liners and You’ve Got the Curse of Curves
Artist: Cute is What We Aim For
Song: “The Curse of Curves”

Am I More Than You Bargained For Yet?
Artist: Fall Out Boy
Song: “Sugar We’re Going Down”

Run Baby, Run. Don’t Ever Look Back // They’ll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them the Chance
Artist: We the Kings
Song: “Check Yes Juliet”

I Got Your Picture, I’m Comin’ With You//Dear Maria Count Me In
Artist: All Time Low
Song: “Dear Maria, Count Me In”

Maybe, You’re Gonna Be the One That Saves Me // After All, You’re My Wonderwall
Artist: Oasis
Song: “Wonderwall”

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard *kissy face*
Artist: Kelis
Song: “Milkshake”

I Can Live Without You, But Without You I’m Miserable At Best
Artist: Mayback Parade
Song: “Miserable At Best”

Throw It Away, Forget Yesterday // We’ll Make the Great Escape
Artist: Boys Like Girls
Song: “Great Escape”

Look For the Girl With the Broken Smile, Ask Her If She Wants to Stay A While
Artist: Maroon 5
Song: “She Will Be Loved”

I’m Gonna Make Damn Sure That You Can’t Ever Leave // No, You Won’t Ever Get Too Far From Me
Artist: Taking Back Sunday
Song: “MakeDamnSure”

Whispers ‘Hello, I Missed You Quite Terribly’
Song: “Here in Your Arms”

She’s Got It Out for Me, But I Wear the Biggest Smile
Artist: Paramore
Song: “Misery Business”

If I Could Find You Now Things Would Get Better, We Could Leave This Town and Run Forever
Artist: Yellowcard
Song: “Ocean Avenue”

Come On Baby We Ain’t Gonna Live 4ever, Let Me Show You All the Things That We Could Do
Artist: The Veronicas
Song: “4ever”

 (away message images created by Francesca S.)

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