Studio Kraut + Candied Bacon


Studio Kraut NYC, a place known for it’s urban decor and ginormous pretzels. The latter of which costs $11.25.

So I admit, I didn’t go to this place for their pretzels. I ventured all (ALLLLL) the way downtown to 8th avenue for a birthday at around 1:00 (realistically, 1:15 because my friend group is consistently late), already knowing what I wanted. Lingonberry Cheesecake Stuffed Waffles. Made with berry reduction, graham cracker crumbs and Vermont maple syrup. With a side of endless mimosas.

I decided to change my food choice last minute. Mimosas combined with dessert for lunch and probably my only meal of the day? I figured I should be a responsible adult #haha and settle for something a little more substantial. I opted for the  Monte Cristo waffles which, yes, did have maple syrup, but were stuffed with smoked ham, swiss cheese and bacon. The bacon was also “candied.” I don’t know what that really means, but I’m assuming it was even less healthy than bacon in its original form and glory. The first few bites were delicious but I had to force feed myself after that. I’m not sure if it was the mimosas, but I definitely regret getting the sugary sweet waffles. My friend got the breakfast pizza which I highly recommend, though. It had kielbasa, avocado, aged cheddar, scallion hollandaise and a sunny side up egg on a tomato flatbread

HOWEVER, it needs to be said that the service was awesome. I get so pissed when I pay for bottomless brunch ($26 for endless mimosas for an hour and a half, usually) and you end up getting like 2 glasses because the server neglects to pour refills. Our waiter made sure that we left feeling pretty happy.

We went out to dance after our brunch. At 3:30. If that’s any indication.



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