Instagram Will Bankrupt Me

What’s worse than confessing to murder? Stealing candy from a baby? Wearing crocs? Confessing to being an Instagram addict of the shopping variety when you are trying to stay on a budget.

I know that you, too, troll the explore page and find amazing crap to lust over while drooling over pictures from the Caribbean. Instagram consistently makes me poor because my feed inspires me to buy more clothes and eat more food than ever before. Way to go, social media advertising.

I’m talking about stuff like that nutella stuffed pastry you can only find at that special bakery in the city. Or that bodycon dress that would be PERFECT to wear on your birthday for a little extra va voom. And we can’t forget about that gorgeous nude lipstick that is way better than the one you already own…

Ah, there I go again, getting carried away with Instagram’s compelling treasures. At least the good thing about this problem is you’ll always have awesome new food adventures and trendy clothes to rave about. Right? RIGHT?!



Okay, okay I’ll stop tempting you with these gems. Be like Spongebob and tell yourself you “don’t need it!” I won’t judge when you eventually crack and decide you “NEEEEED IT!”

Please tell me you got that.

(money images created by Francesca S.)

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