I Tapped Black Tap NYC

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Image Courtesy of @BlackTapNYC

Sweet niblets, Black Tap milkshakes provide the holy grail of photo opportunities for food bloggers and Instagram users alike. After weeks of seeing these diabetes-inducing concoctions all over my newsfeed, I decided to give it a try. I ventured to Black Tap’s Soho location where I approached what seemed like a small line outside. The person in front of me (who wore a huge ass backpack, BTW) turned around, eyebrows furrowed in a what are you doing? way. I was confused.

Did I do something wrong? Was I standing too close to him? This line isn’t so bad…

Then a tiny lady wearing a Black Tap beanie walked towards me: “we have two lines because of fire safety purposes. The line starts back there.” She pointed to a spot behind the corner deli.

Now, these milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard. Like, I think the entirety of New York City. That’s how long this line was. I  waited two hours to be seated in a madhouse where I then had to STAND while I drank my milkshake. I also shared a “bar” area of about 5 feet with 5 other people.

I ordered the “The Cookie,” which is basically the milkshake form of a cookies and milk combo. It was a beautiful thing, really. The milkshake came in a large cylinder glass with a red-and-white striped straw, a spoon and napkin (only ONE, not enough for a messy eater like me) on the side. There was an ice cream cookie sandwich, along with some smushed chips ahoy cookies and chocolate sauce. After about 5 sips, I think I consumed 5,000 calories. After about 10 sips, my stomach was begging me to stop force feeding it.

Maybe my expectations were too high but this milkshake was not world changing and was, in fact, pretty damn pricey ($15). Sure, it was beautifully presented, but you could probably make the exact same thing at home: blue bunny ice cream, chips ahoy cookies and you’re all set. If you’re ever on holiday here in NYC I definitely don’t recommend wasting precious tourist time waiting 3 hours at Black Tap.

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