Europop Playlist of the Early 2000’s

My best friend is Italian: like hardcore, her dad is from Palermo, she used to go there all the time. We both looked forward to the Europop mix CDs (remember those?) her/her family would bring back from vacationing in Sicily, which we would play from a boombox on her front steps nonstop. These CDs were a compilation of the best Europop anthems. Here are a few #tbt inspired songs that make me feel like a 6-year-old kid circa 2000.

Voglio Vederti Danzare
Origin: Italia
Year: 2003

Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Origin: Italy
Year: 1999

All Around The World
Origin: Germany
Year: 2000

My Heart Goes Boom
Origin: France
Year: 2000


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