Talon Nails & Serious Questions

Why carry a knife when your nails are just as dangerous? I was on the train today when I noticed that the girl seated across from me (who looked like Jena Malone from Donnie Darko) had talon nails. Nail Talons. Whatever the technical term for them is. Her nails were about 6 feet long and could probably kill one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. I am genuinely curious:


Dear people who have these kinds of nails, 

Can you type normally?

Have you ever accidentally cut yourself while putting on your jeans?

Is it easy to get food out of your teeth?

Do you listen to Lana Del Rey a lot?

Is she your nail inspo? (Be honest)

Is it hard to open band-aids, single snapple packets, etc.?

How do you pull up the zipper of your pants?

How do you fasten the buttons on your sweater?

Does your iPhone screen have a bunch of scratch marks?

How often do you have to go the nail salon?

Honestly, does a lot of dirt get underneath them?

Are they even REAL? 

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